Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Listen To/Watch Tomorrow’s Game

My apologies if this seems simplistic, but it also is not obvious at the Bulls website. 

One big warning, this is what worked last year, but, since the Bulls are hostage to MiLB servers, procedures for internet-based stuff may not be up-to-date.

To listen to a game: 

Tune radio to AM 620. Reasonable coverage, but not perfect throughout the Triangle. Some games are on FM 99.9, so if you don’t find the game on 620, try 99.9.

Over the web you have two approaches, both reached through the Bulls website:

After the game starts there will probably be a link on the upper right-hand side of the page that says “Listen Now”. 

Alternatively click on Team > Scoreboard and look for the game (Durham Bulls - Gwinnett Braves). If game is posted, you should see icons for the radio streaming.

If something seems really wrong, try going directly to MiLB’s website and click around there. That works sometimes.

Then there is “Gameday”. This is a nifty feature that is essentially a cartoonish presentation of the game that will provide visuals to watch while listening to the broadcasts. Usually there are links on both the Bulls home page and on the MiLB scoreboard page. It also gives you a starting lineup for both teams and a live box score as the game progresses.

Television of away games: I have had really bad luck with video streaming in previous years, but may be trying again this year. Seems to me to be expensive, particularly when not all games are covered. If anyone one else tries it this year, let me know how it works. The downside of TV of away games is that you are hostage to the home team’s broadcasters. The upside is that you will quickly find out just how good at calling a game Neil Solondz is.

The long-rumored iPhone app has not shown up in the app store (the one that’s there isn’t much). I’ll keep checking. The Montgomery Biscuits have an app and it looks really cool. When and if the Bulls’ app does become available, the iPhone (and reportedly Android) app will be another way to get audio streaming of games.