Friday, April 22, 2011

Freebie Night

Game 15: Durham Bulls 4; Charlotte Knights 6
Season: 9-6; Streak: L 2
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How does a team get more hits than their opposition (9 to 7) and lose a game? Answer: Give up a bunch of freebies (7 walks, 1 hit batsman) and home runs (2). Of the six runs scored by Charlotte last night, four of them came from runners who got on base with a walk. With the two homers, even I can do the math.

I’m guessing that Alex Torres was sent to the mound yesterday with instructions to “work” on something — maybe his changeup or slider. Whatever it was, it wasn’t working. His first two innings were just awful. First inning: single, walk, K, HBP, fly out, W (run scored), and a liner back to Torres to end the inning with bases loaded. Second inning: K, walk, double, ground out, run scores on a passed ball, walk, K. Maybe he figured something out with that last K, because he then struck out the side in the 3rd and 4th innings and got another K in the 5th. So, 10 strikeouts on the night, but also walked in a run and can probably share the blame on the unearned run from the passed ball. Brilliant pitcher. Needs work.

On the other hand, R.J. Swindle is not seeing anything good in his year. That is a big deal here. He’s the only left-handed reliever we’ve got. The season is early, but his numbers are not good and last night’s two walks followed by a home run will not help. The only pitchers with a worse ERA and WHIP is the unfortunate Paul Phillips.

Bright spots? Robinson Chirinos may be getting his eye. He went 2 for 3, but he’s got a long way to go. Current average is .167.

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Tonight’s game ends the Bulls 9-game home stand and only appearance in Durham in April. They will not be back until the 5th of May, that’s 11 road games plus the Bulls’ first day off this season. I was asked last night if I’d mentioned in my blog that this year’s schedule is just plain loony?

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