Sunday, April 10, 2011

Score Early; Hang On

Game 3: Durham Bulls 2; Gwinnett Braves 1
Season: 2-1
First Home Game: 4 Days
Wrap, Box, Gwinnett Daily Post

I know that it’s really, really early, and I don’t want to bring bad luck, still the Bulls’ bullpen is looking pretty good so far. They’ve only let one run across the plate in 13+ innings.

Then there’s Desmond Jennings starting out the game with a home run. Justin Ruggiano picked up another RBI, his third.

Reliever Brandon Gomes (acquired in the Jason Bartlett trade) got out of a bases-loaded problem in the eighth. Good beginning.

Brian Baker, an important guy last year, got in his first appearance of the year, two scoreless innings after Alex Cobb (who started shaky and settled down) did five innings.

Day game today, then on the bus to Charlotte.


Ray Olmedo

Let me be very up front about it, I really like infielder Ray Olmedo. He’s the guy who was the star of the game when the Bulls won it all in 2009. He is a very competent infielder and crafty batsman, even hitting a home run from time to time (although that’s not his expectation). He’s a year round, Triple A ballplayer and just the kind of guy we need to get through the grind of a Triple-A season.

I’m a believer that one of the keys to a successful team is what’s called the “defensive diamond”. The defensive diamond consists of above average skill at catcher, shortstop, second base, and center field. Ray is going to be one of the key guys in the diamond this year. He’s expected to start most games at shortstop, although Charlie likes to move guys around, so you can expect to see him at second and third as well.

As a final bit of trivia: Ray was strikingly successful as a relief pitcher with the 2009 Bulls: 1-0, 1 game, 2 innings.

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  1. Real nail-biter yesterday; the 8th inning had me glued to my chair.

    We're leaving a lot of men on base so far; hope we can figure out how to score some of these guys. Both pitching staffs (Bulls & Braves) look OK; nobody's getting blown out. Remember when we used to do that to teams last year?

    It's good to see you back to daily coverage.