Saturday, September 3, 2011


Game 139, Friday, September 2, Harbor Park, Norfolk, Virginia
Durham Bulls 4, Norfolk Tides 1
Season: 79-60; Games Remaining: 3
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun, Examiner, Wild Card

The Bulls won in Norfolk to become the South Division Champions for the fifth year in a row. Dan Johnson hit a home run with Matt Carson on base in the 1st inning. With Matt Moore on the mound, that was enough.

This has been a rough couple of weeks for Bulls fans — and surely much tougher on the Bulls. Coming off their last road trip, it looked like the Bulls had the division championship in the bag. And that was a fair assessment. Nevertheless, the nine-game home stand and the recent visit to Charlotte were struggles. How nice then for the winning run to be scored by Johnson.

Matt Moore has been pitching terrific baseball since coming to the Bulls. Last night was no exception. Ten K's, only four hits and one run allowed over 6 innings.

Charlie Montoyo summed it up for the Herald-Sun:

“Great game and great season.”

If you haven't done so yet, go ahead and get your tickets for next Wednesday and Thursday. The Bulls will be playing the Columbus Clippers at the DBAP for the first round of the Governors' Cup.

The Wild Card team has not yet been decided. It will be either Gwinnett or Lehigh Valley. That could go right down to the wire, with the remote possibility that Pawtucket could stumble and Lehigh Valley could make it up into the North Division championship.


  1. I'm enjoying the Tides broadcast on 620 AM tonight -- it's unexpected.

  2. I had to go do something else about the 5th inning, so missed the 9th inning collapse. Was very odd to be listening on 620 and hearing a Norfolk broadcaster doing play-by-play. If I understood correctly, Neil came back to Durham to call a Duke game and then will be back in Norfolk tomorrow. Didn't know he was a football guy as well.

    Our game did not end well. Will have to go through the box score and try to figure out what happened tomorrow (or maybe check the Virginia Pilot. Five runs in the bottom of the 9th! Something went very, very wrong.