Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rob Delaney DFA'd

To make room on their 40-man roster for Matt Moore the Tampa Bay Rays have designated for assignment 26-year old Bulls reliever Rob Delaney.

I'm surprised. Of all the relievers on the Rays 40-man that we've seen with the Bulls this year, Delaney had by far the best numbers. To take just one, Fielding Independent Percentage, Delaney's was 2.77 (the best on the team). Others: Mike Ekstrom - 3.43 (he's been DFA'd already), Dane De La Rosa - 3.57 (called up), and Jay Buente - 3.67. So it wasn't numbers, it must have been something else.

Of course, this could just as easily be a bit of three-card Monte and at the end of the season Rob will still be in the Rays system. As a Bulls fan, however, if it had come down to a choice between Jay Buente (who, to his credit, looked pretty good by the end of the season) and Rob Delaney, it should have been Delaney who was kept and Buente DFA'd.

The Rays are famously astute at picking and keeping overlooked players, especially pitchers. But they blew it with Cory Wade this year (1.23 ERA in 21 appearances with the Bulls, 1.93 ERA in 32 appearances with the Yankees). Have they done it again with Delaney?


  1. Delaney got a raw deal, I'd like to hear how Maddon and Friedman would explain bringing up De La Rosa over Delaney and keeping Buente and Bush on the 40 Man.
    Don't believe the Press hype about Maddon and Friedman being baseball geniuses, they are not!!

  2. It makes no sense. Delaney should be called up. He has proven himself. What are the rays thinking

  3. Buente released, Johnson added to 40-man, I'm just sayin

  4. Now that would be interesting. One way for the Rays to get at least some of their $1million back from DJ. But then they'd have to give him the boot later on, 'cause I don't see them keeping him.
    Canzler hasn't come to bat yet either.

  5. Wow! Was I ever wrong! Dan Johnson and Alex Torres have been called up! No word on who might be going off 40-man. Delaney and Ekstrom cleared waivers.

  6. Bobby Feelings had it right, but I couldn't find anything on the web at the time. Buente has been released.

    Thanks, Bobby, for the heads up.