Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ready to Play?

The tarp is not on the field as I write this, but check for yourself. All we can do is watch the skies and hope for a good night. If the weather cooperates this series should be a lot of fun. The Bulls have been in town since Monday evening. At a guess, so have the Clippers. Both teams are as rested as they are going to get.

I've been putting up season charts and tables (still have the pitchers to go), but I haven't been able to take a close look at the Columbus Clippers. Fortunately for Bulls fans, Adam Sobsey has. Take a look at his post over at Triangle Offense/Indy Week. Sobsey has a solid analysis of the strengths and potential weaknesses of both teams.

Also, of interest is Harold Gutmann's story in the Herald-Sun.

My hometown newspaper, the News & Observer, fails to even notice that the playoffs are starting. Why am I not surprised?

The Clippers' hometown paper the Columbus Dispatch has this backgrounder.

Matt Moore has the start. The rest of the gang is back in town and healthy. This could be a great series!

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