Thursday, September 1, 2011


Game 137, Wednesday, August 31, Knights Stadium, Fort Mill, SC
Charlotte Knights (White Sox) 10, Durham Bulls 2
Season: 78-59, Games Remaining: 5
Wrap, Box, Indy Week

My road game ritual goes like this:

Go to Bulls website. Click on "Listen Live" link and adjust volume. Click on "Watch Live" link and go through the MiLB TV sign-in and see what's there. In the case of Charlotte it's nearly pointless since the "TV" is a single camera set high over home plate. Click on "game day" to get the running pitch/box score.

Last night I went through all of the above. Got a bit of Neil Solondz's update (more later). Bulls end the first inning with two men on base. Charlotte comes to bat with Andy Sonnanstine starting.

First batter reaches base on a Daniel Mayora throwing error. Second batter reaches base on a fielding error by Ray Olmedo. Single, run scores. Single, run scores. Fly out (out #1). Double, run scores. Single, two runs score. Ground out. Strike out. Five runs on four hits and two errors.

Close web browser. Go watch regular TV.

* * * * * 

Outside the game, a good bit was going on.

Justin Ruggiano, Brandon Guyer, and Andy Sonnanstine are going to the Rays.

If I'm candid, I'm pleased to see Justin go back. He got a few hits while he was here, but his injury apparently kept him from putting in much of an effort on the bases or in the field. Setting himself apart by wearing the long trousers seemed to be a thumb in the eye of his teammates. Mostly he seemed to be taking up space on the roster.

As for Brandon Guyer, he's worked very hard for this chance in the majors. Good luck. The Bulls will be fortunate to get him back for at least the beginning of next season. Indy Week reports that John Matulia from the Biscuits will be his replacement. Welcome back, John.

Cannot imagine why Andy Sonnanstine was recalled, but his departure may help the Bulls. His ten appearances led to 3 wins and 6 losses and he carried a not-very-stellar 5.46 ERA. As fans, however, it probably won't make much difference in whom we see this year. It might have been more fun, however, to have taken a look at another Biscuit.

Congratulations are in order for Matt Moore and Stephen Vogt. They were named to the Southern League All-Star Team. More info here and here.

Elsewhere, the Gwinnett Braves split a semi-double header with Norfolk. Lehigh Valley lost (troubles up in Pennsylvania, here and here). So the Braves moved into the wild card spot and gained a half game on the Bulls. Kevin Youkilis and J.D. Drew, in the meantime, weren't much help to the Pawtucket Red Sox, who were swept by the Red Wings.

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  1. I'm too cheap to opt for MiLB TV, but my ritual was very similar. I listened until 9:00pm and then switched to Modern Family reruns.

    I'm not surprised at Justin (although I like him) he seemed to have an attitude last year when he came back to the Bulls.