Monday, September 5, 2011


As we get ready for the playoffs, here’s a look at the current crop of hitters. I’ve chosen OPS as the stat to compare because it’s simply the easiest to get to and is a better measure than straight batting average. This table does not include stats for the last game.

A couple of features jump out.
  • Only four players have been with the Bulls all year: Russ Canzler, Leslie Anderson, Ray Olmedo, and J.J. Furmaniak. Most of the current team has not been with the Bulls all that long. Only Dan Johnson and Robinson Chirinos have been with the Bulls most, but not all of the year.
  • The last 10 games have not been kind to Bulls’ hitters. Only Dan Johnson and Ray Olmedo have been hitting above their season OPSs.
Let’s put a positive spin on that — all of the Bulls are due!

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