Monday, September 23, 2013

Boo Rays!

Just why did the Rays call up J.D. Martin if they were going to designate him for assignment the very next day? (according to the Tampa Tribune). They already had 18 other pitchers in the roster. It strikes me as being pointlessly cruel to the man who brought the Governors’ Cup back to Durham. And I’m not alone.

I’ve never met Mr. Martin. Perhaps getting a couple of weeks’ worth of the major league minimum pay for a day's hanging out in the dugout was enough incentive. After all, it isn’t the first time he’s been in the majors.

But I have to tell you, as much as I want to like the Rays, this is the sort of thing that makes me think the Bulls should look for a better team to work with the next time the contract comes up. The Bulls simply could not have been the championship team they were this year without J.D. Martin. This sure looks like a slap in his face.

I’d like to think the Rays are pulling off one of their roster manipulation gimmicks and J.D. is in on the game (and getting paid while the game goes on). I hope so. If not, here’s hoping one of the Rays’ competitors claims him (Cleveland, maybe), J.D. shows up in the playoffs, and he gets a chance for payback this October.


  1. I am not going to go as far as to say that the Bulls should not continue their relationship with the Rays. I think that, compared to a lot of teams they treat AAA pretty well and they actually use their minor league system as a way to grow players for their own team, not just restock with free agents every year.

    That said, this was a bad move on their part and very disrespectful to a guy that was very important this year.

  2. Yeah. I might have gotten a bit carried away on the contract point. Martin will very likely make some serious money ... pretty sure he has to get at least two weeks MLB minimum. But still seems an ugly thing to do.

  3. The org. is living down to my opinion of it.


  4. Um, help, Durham's season is over, he might have been needed after the 18 inning marathon if Cobb had had a start like Helickson or Moore's last, and he gets a taste of major league salary, what is to be upset about?
    Was he under contract for next year?
    If the Rays didn't respect Durham's playoff run, they might have snagged someone to replace Helickson a week or two ago.
    (another) Chris

  5. Oops, make that Romero, not Cobb.

  6. The season was over and he's a free agent. The Rays owe nothing to Durham, they are the affiliate who provides for the needs of the parent club. He's also over 30 and has not seen the majors in 4 years. They gave him a payday on his way out the door. Nothing more, nothing less as he's certainly not in the long term plans of the club.

  7. It isn't about owing anything to Durham. It is about making a nice gesture (or not) to a player that was important to the organization this year. Good companies, and the companies that people enjoy working for, do good things for their employees. Regardless of who is "owed" what.

  8. As an FYI, Martin accepted outright to Durham, so he's still "here". Who knows what next year brings.

  9. Some pre-callup comments by Martin here:
    with the promise of more to come from Sobsey.
    Seems to me he has nothing to lose by accepting the assignment. Certainly we Bulls fans would be happy to have him back. Have heard that he got a nice check for his day's "work" (and an invite to spring training?).