Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Last Hurrah

A last hurrah for the Bulls and, probably for Bulls stalwart Leslie Anderson. So let’s take a look at his home run — the highlight of last night’s game. And possibly the last time we'll see Leslie in a Bulls uniform.

What a great season. I’ll be running the numbers over the next week or so, but we Bulls fans have had the opportunity to watch an exceptional baseball team in 2013. So, thank you, all of you guys for the fun you’ve given us this year.

For those Rays fans who follow this blog: Too bad that you will probably never see Anderson in the Trop. From our perspective he could have been called up at the end of last year and helped the Rays out. As it is, it sure looks like this might have been his last at bat. So, from WDBB to Leslie Anderson, Good Luck!

Plenty of links to take a look at describing last night’s 2-1 loss:

Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun, N&O, Omaha World-Herald, IL/MiLB, Allentown Morning Call (good photo gallery), Noise Nation (photos)

Outside the game —
  • Reports out there that Tim Beckham and Jake Odorizzi have been called up. And that Brandon Guyer has been put on 60-day DL to make room for a player we’ve never heard of.
  • See the Allentown Morning Call link for info on Rich Thompson. Sounds like he's out of baseball for good.

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