Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Triple A "Championship"

Wool E. Bull delivers the 2009 Triple A Championship Trophy to the DBAP, April 15, 2010

Here at WDBB we are more than a bit schizophrenic about the Triple-A Championship game. So let me rant a bit first.

No baseball championship should be decided by a one-game playoff. That just isn’t how baseball should work. To extend that a bit further, by the middle of September many AAA teams have had their best players called up, so the game is often more of a matchup of two AA teams and not a true Triple-A championship. The site selection process is something of crapshoot. The odds are stacked against a home town team hosting the Championship. So, it seems to me that it does not seem to work even as a good television since it’s hard enough to fill the stands for local teams this time of year.

Lastly, the Governors’ Cup ...

is way prettier than the National Championship trophy.

On the other hand …

It isn’t some obscure bunch of lollygaggers up there in Allentown, this is the Durham Bulls! Watching Durham Bulls Baseball is all about watching the Durham Bulls play baseball. So, forgive me if I get off my high horse and root for my team, run some numbers, and comment after the game.

And you bet I’ll be cheering with the rest of the crowd if Wool E. brings the trophy back next April. 


  1. 29 consecutive scoreless innings has to be some sort of IL playoff record, right? Pitching was insane all series.

  2. I'd guess that it is some kind of record, but I can't find any place that they are kept. My own tracking of ERAs matches what's been showing up in the box scores for individuals, so my 7-game ERA of 1.06 should be right, with a starters ERA of 0.61 and relievers ERA of 1.06, and a team WHIP of 1.10. All spectacular numbers. And the last game pushed the team OPS up to .620 for the series. Not bad. Amazing effort and Tuesday could be interesting. Will be running some Omaha numbers today to see how they match up. Will be nice to be able to watch on TV ... if I get the network here. I think I do.

  3. Oops! That would be relievers ERA of 1.90.