Thursday, August 18, 2016

Worst Team in Durham Bulls History?

Game 125, 17 August, Huntington Park, Columbus, Ohio
Durham Bulls: 0
Columbus Clippers: 2
Season: 54-71, Trip: 0-3
Wrap, Box
Game Score: Faria 72; Season Avg 53 (10 starts, 51 innings)
Tm OPS: Game .373; Season .669; Diff -.296

The Bulls are back after a dismal trip to Columbus.

The Really Big Picture

The 2016 Durham Bulls are on track to having the worst record in the 19-year history of the Bulls as a Triple-A team.

The Bulls still have 19 games to play, most of them at home. They've done modestly better at home this year, so maybe they won't end up being the worst.

But this last trek to Ohio does not hold out much hope. The pitchers did fine. The hitters only scored 4 runs. Yesterday they were shut out for the 16th time this year.


  1. It shows how bad the South Division is when they sent out an email about playoff tickets today! I've been to almost 30 games this season and it's been tough at times.

  2. Isn't that weird! Got one as well. And it's quite possible they'll decide to start winning. Interesting to listen to other broadcasters talk about the South Division. One said: "An affront to organized baseball." Bulls now tied for worst in the league. But I'd noticed that it was the worst in history so thought I'd write that up first.