Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Charts and More

The Bulls are home for a very short two-day visit after their 11-day/12 game trip and then off for a four day run back to Gwinnett and Charlotte. Have to think that they are really getting tired of I-85. But it’s for the last time. Then they are home to stay until the beginning of the playoffs, which will start in either Louisville or Columbus on September 8.

A good time to look at these pretty, pretty charts. The Bulls are very close to setting several all-time AAA Bulls records (if they haven’t already set them). But let’s just look at these pictures for now. Instead of resting on their laurels, with a 8-game, on the road, winning streak, the Bulls are getting better.

click on chart for larger image

The runs scored minus runs allowed chart shows the last two years, when the Bulls also won the South Division. If possible, this is an even more dramatic view of the remarkable season the Bulls have had. Unlikely we’ll see something like this again, so we (and players) should enjoy it.

Meanwhile, down in St. Petersburg (actually, they are out on the left coast at the moment), the Rays are having a pretty decent year as well. They have only played 125 games to the Bulls 129, and they are only 29 games above .500 to the Bulls 35 games above .500, nevertheless, not too bad a year. Clearly positioned for a run at the championship again.

Odds and Ends:

Dale Thayer and Mike Ekstrom are on their way back to the Bulls. Thayer did not make it into a game while with the Rays this time. Ekstrom had three appearances for 3 innings: 1 hit, 1 walk, 5 Ks.

Dan Johnson, who is not doing well with the Rays yet, still has a friend among the bloggers.

And speaking of bloggers, here are two different takes on the same data regarding Rays finances — Rays Index and DRaysBay. Why should we care? Because the financial health of the Rays has a direct impact on the Bulls' roster. Looks like they are spending a good bit on minor league operations, which is all good as far as we are concerned.

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