Thursday, August 26, 2010

Xavier Hernandez Won’t Be Back

Stacy Long is reporting and Houston Baptist University is announcing that Xavier Hernandez, the Bulls pitching coach extraordinaire is going home to Houston to be their assistant baseball coach.

Huge loss to the Bulls and the Rays system, but sure looks like a good choice for X and his family.

Sorry to see X go. Have to think that he’s has had a lot to do with the Bulls success the last couple of years.

Update: Bulls press release here. It includes this quote:

"It's been a great run with the Tampa Bay Organization and here with the Durham Bulls," Hernandez said after Wednesday's loss to the Norfolk Tides, "While I'm somewhat saddened to be leaving, I'm very excited as are my wife and four children since I'm going back home and still doing what I love to do, coaching baseball. I'll get to spend a lot more time with my family."

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  1. X is a big reason the Durham pitching staff is where they are and why when called up to Tampa they produce immediate results. He would also take time to talk to the fans prior to the games. I wish X all the luck in the world in his new endevor. He is a CLASS act.