Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last Chance To See Hellickson?

In response to a reader’s question I did a simple run-through of the rest-of-the season schedule of the Bulls to see when Jeremy Hellickson will next pitch in Durham. The answer was that he will not be pitching here again in August and by September he will probably be with the Rays.

If we assume that the Bulls stick with a five-day rotation, then Hellickson would be scheduled to pitch today (Indianapolis), the 14th at Gwinnett, the 18th at Charlotte (there’s a makeup game that needs to be slipped in while at Gwinnett), the 23rd at Norfolk, and the 28th at Charlotte. The next game he’d be up for is on September 2 in Durham against Gwinnett. However, you have to think he’ll be with Tampa Bay by that time. Or even sooner if Jeff Niemann’s shoulder problems are worse than reported.

Today (Sunday, August 8) may be the last appearance of Jeremy Hellickson in Durham, ever.

Note for careful readers — if I’m wrong, and I hope I am — let me know soonest and I’ll get a correction up.

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