Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lost Days

Game 132: Durham Bulls 4; Gwinnett Braves 11
Wrap, Box

Game 133: Durham Bulls 3; Gwinnett Braves 4
Wrap, Box

Game 134: Durham Bulls 1; Charlotte Knights 3
Wrap, Box
Season: 83-51

Don’t want to get to upset over this trip. Counting today (Sunday) the Bulls have played 18 games in 17 days, all but two of them on the road. We’ve already done some ranting about this weird schedule, but it really is tough on the team. Fortunately, the Bulls come home for eight days at home and a day off before they go play either Louisville or Columbus.

The game stories, sad as they are, are at the links. But a few oddities are worth pointing out.
  • Angel Chavez got his first chance to shine as a pitcher in the first game against the Braves. Pitched a scoreless inning.
  • In this entire year, the Bulls have lost on a walk-off only five times, but twice in the last two days.
  • Because of some exceedingly weird lineup juggling yesterday Justin Ruggiano got in some time at third base! Just an inning, but he handled his one opportunity cleanly.
  • As part of that same weirdness, new guy pitcher Bobby Livingston got an at bat, and drew a walk.
  • All that weirdness was driven by Joe Dillon coming out of the game.
Enough. What about other stuff?

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