Wednesday, August 25, 2010

De Los Santos Sets New Bulls Record

Game 130: Durham Bulls 1; Norfolk Tides 0
Season: 83-47; Streak: 9-0; Home Games Remaining: 9
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By pitching yet another superb game, Richard De Los Santos’ 14th win goes in the record book as the most single season wins by a Triple-A Bulls pitcher. He was only at 87 pitches with two out and one on in the 7th when Montoyo pulled him for Jake McGee. Very likely it was to deal with a lefty on lefty match up. Or maybe he just wanted him to tuck his jersey in. But Adam Sobsey reports in the Triangle Offense blog that Montoyo told him:
“I gotta take you out, you’re a prospect now.”
Could be. Or maybe Charlie knew that the crowd would cheer him off the field if he was pulled while the inning was in progress and he wanted De Los Santos to be able to savor it. That’s what happened. We cheered. De Los Santos deserved it. Great job this year.

It was mostly a pitcher’s night for both teams. Nice defense kept the Tides off the scoreboard, particularly a strong throw from Ruggiano in right to Luna at second to Navarro guarding the plate. While two minor mistakes by Norfolk’s Troy Patton (hitting Richard and Baldelli after a Ruggiano single loaded the bases) was enough to set up Durham’s only run on a sac fly by Dioner Navarro.

Jake McGee had another impressive appearance. So far (10 2/3 innings) he has not had a run scored on him.

It has been almost exactly a year since Winston Abreu came back to the Bulls after some time in the Cleveland system. A huge piece of what the team has accomplished in that year (and it has accomplished a lot) can be put down to knowing that they’ve got someone in the pen who can finish a game off. He did it again last night, setting down the Tides in order for his 21st save.


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  1. First opportunity to see McGee in person last night. Holy cow. Where has this been hiding in the Rays' system?

  2. He's something else, isn't he? Not hiding, really, just be carefully shepherded back from Tommy John surgery and, apparently, being switched from starter to reliever. He had a bunch of starts in Montgomery this year and he's been on the 40-man for at least a year. We're just seeing him and Rays are being very cautious with him, such as last night when he only went the one inning. Hope he stays with us, but he's a longshot maybe in the September callup list.