Thursday, August 4, 2011

Boom! Boom!

Game 109, August 2, Knights Stadium, Ft Mill, South Carolina
Durham Bulls 5, Charlotte Knights 3
Season: 62-47; Streak: W-3; Remaining Home Games: 17
Wrap, Box

Of course, for John Lee Hooker it was Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! But two was enough last night. The Bulls went into the 7th tied at 3-3 after Cesar Ramos gave up a homer to the Knights. Reid Brignac flew out. New guy Matt Carson grounded out. Then new guy Stephen Vogt (at DH last night) banged a home run and then Dan Johnson came to bat and hit another. Cesar Ramos gets a blown save and a win.

The Bulls on the field were a bit different last night. Dan Johnson was on third base and Daniel Mayora was on second. Guess it was time for Ray Olmedo and J.J. Furmaniak to get a day off.

Has Alex Torres established himself? As a Bull, you bet he has. This was his 21st start for the Bulls. He only went five innings last night, but he has become pretty much the last man standing among the Bulls starting pitchers. Indeed, his 111 innings are more than twice as many innings as anyone on the current roster. Sure, we worry about him a lot. But we are not flinching when he starts a game the way we did at the beginning of the season. Keep it up.

Speaking of charts, here are a couple just to get us ready for this home stand. This shows only the current 13 pitchers on the roster. However, the team numbers are from all the 31 (!!!) pitchers who have stepped up on the mound for the Bulls this season.

The first chart shows the Fielding Independent Pitching numbers. Please note that for the new guys (remember half the pitching staff has joined the Bulls since July 1) the sample size is really, really small.

The second chart shows the walks and hits per inning pitched. In the case of both charts we have to worry about two pitchers, Matt Torra and Jay Buente. Both are relatively new to the team. We can hope they settle down.

click on charts for larger images

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