Sunday, August 7, 2011

How About Them Hats?

I had been thinking about doing an attempt at humor based on the star wars jerseys the Bulls wore on August 6th. So I accumulated a bunch of not-very-good images last night. Then I noticed something else that seemed to my quirky mind to be even more amusing. Take a look at Reid Brignac as a Ray and Brignac as a Bull. Notice anything different?

Yep. It's the hats. In the minor league players are required to wear a higher standard of batting helmet than in the majors.

Why don't they wear top of the line batting helmets in the majors? 'Cause they ain't pretty and the players' union doesn't like them.

So, here's the deal, Reid. Just stay here with the Bulls and keep your brains from getting jellied. Who cares about being pretty?

On the other hand, any player concerned about his image better stay in the majors. 'Cause when he comes back here he's gonna look pretty goofy.

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  1. Related question...though it rarely happens to an infielder or a batter the chance of getting nailed in the nether regions or "family jewels is always there. I wonder how any players wear a cup? I doubt many do...

    I used to be an Ice hockey goaltender in my youth and that was my most prized piece of equipment LOL