Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brignac Back to Tampa Bay

Marc Topkin is reporting that Reid Brignac is going back to the Rays. Justin Ruggiano going on the DL made room.

At the moment that leaves the Bulls with only 10 active position players — Brandon Guyer and Matt Carson haven't been playing. With Jaso here on rehab maybe they can get by in the near term, but have to think an outfielder will be called up before the hit the road on Friday.

Was fun having you here, Reid. Best of luck down in the bandbox by the Bay.

Update: As Jamie commented and Stacy Long just reported, shortstop and top prospect Tim Beckham is on his way. We've been waiting to see this young man since he was drafted in 2008. 

I was, of course, wrong in my prediction, but what's new there? Have to say that I think this is a terrific choice. Beckham will also have the chance to play with Ray Olmedo for a while, which I think would be a help.


  1. Tim Beckham is on his way up from Montgomery. Seems like we're having mostly good results from these promotions this season, so I'm hopeful! Numbers are in between Mayora and Matulia fielding and at the plate.

  2. Thanks, Jamie! Have updated the main article.