Monday, August 15, 2011

Waiting for Baseball

Just for the record ...

Game 119, Saturday, August 13, Coca-Cola Field, Buffalo, New York
Buffalo Bisons 7, Durham Bulls 6
Wrap, Box, Buffalo News

Two notable things about the game: Brandon Guyer was back in the lineup and did very well; and the bullpen lost the second game in a row.

Rainout last night. Double header starts at 5:00 today (7 inning games).


About that bullpen. This chart shows the cumulative ERAs of the Bulls starters, relievers, and team for the last 15 games. With the team at over a 1,000 innings, the numbers are hard to move. But the last couple games are discouraging. Let's hope it's an anomaly. The bullpen has made a huge difference this year. The Bulls need for them to keep it up.

How about the hitters? Pretty good. For the last 10 games, the ups are really up (Canzler, Johnson, Furmaniak). And the downs are minor.

I really like wOBA as a measure of offense, but from this scatter chart it doesn't look like it tells you all that you'd like about wins and losses. These are the teams with a shot at the playoffs. Scranton/WB is 7 games back in the North Division and 6 games back in the wild card. Their wOBA is awfully good, though. They are the Bulls next opponent and based on their wOBA, the Bulls could have some work to do. Source: StatCorner.

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