Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Force Triumphs!

Game 112, August 6, DBAP, Durham, North Carolina
Durham Bulls 6, Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs 2
Season: 63-49; Home Games Remaining: 14
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We had another this-is-why-we-go-to-the-ballpark moments last nights and it was really special. Top of the 5th inning, two outs. Ground ball between third and short. Reid Brignac goes deep into left field, grabs it, jump throw, and Dan Johnson really stretches to the right of the bag (actually ends up flat on his back) for the catch. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Clip is on Bulls website. Catch it now. They tend to disappear after a day.

Overall, the night belonged to Matt Torra and the bottom of the batting order, especially former Iron Pig J.J. Furmaniak. We haven't been impressed with Mr. Torra since he came down from the Sierra Nevada (Reno) to the Piedmont. But he only gave up three hits in his first five innings and was very efficient. The 6th was troublesome and he probably should have been pulled, but he got out of it hanging on to a lead.

Iron Pig starter Ryan Fierabrand pretty much made his own bed in the 2nd inning by walking the first two batters. Then, single, single, double, double and he was five runs down. The last four batters in the Bulls lineup — Mayora, Ashley, Matulia, and Furmaniak — got six of the Bulls 8 hits, scored 4 of the six runs, and had 5 of the 6 RBIs. Well done!

Today Matt Moore is on the mound. Since there are only 15 home games left, the odds are very high that he may only pitch in Durham one more time before the end of the year (unless he doesn't get called up, or he appears in the playoffs). Today may be your last chance!


  1. Got to the game early for a change about the time they started putting the lines down, was pleasantly surprised to hear the live organ music coming from the speakers at a sensible volume....ahhh