Friday, August 19, 2011

Governors' Cup — What's Up?

The International League has put up their first look at this year's championship race. [Click on the link here]

More on the topic later, but the key info is:

First round, best of five:

First two games: West Division @ South Division; North Division @ Wild Card
Next games at West and North

Championship round, best of five:

First two games: North/Wild Card winner @ West/South winner
Next games: reverse

Why Governors' Cup (note the location of the apostrophe)? Well ...

In 1933....the Governors of Maryland, New Jersey, and New York and the Lieutenant Governors of the Provinces of Quebec and Ontario sponsored a trophy to be awarded annually to the winner of the International League playoffs.

Buffalo won, Rochester was the runner-up, Newark and Baltimore were in the playoffs. Over the years four "international" teams have won the cup: Havana, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. More.

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