Monday, August 1, 2011


Game 107, July 31, DBAP
Durham Bulls (Rays) 3, Charlotte Knights (White Sox) 2
Season: 60-47, Home Stand: 5-4, Home Games Remaining: 17
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A triple is a rare event in the DBAP. Two by the Bulls in any park has not happened this year — until last night. The first was sort of a freebie. In the 2nd inning, Charlotte center fielder Jordan Danks wasn't wearing his sunglasses, the sun came out, Danks apparently lost the ball in the sun, and Russ Canzler's very high fly ball drifted over his head. By the time Danks chased it down, Canzler was on third base. Atypical of recent days, with a runner on third and none out, a batter (Leslie Anderson in this case) hit him in.

Ray Olmedo's triple in the 7th was more typical of the DBAP. A ball deep into the right field corner took a nasty bounce and Ray, who didn't slow down once, made it to third. In this case things got a bit more tense with the first batter (John Shelby) flying out. But Reid Brignac's double brought Olmedo home with the winning run.

Earlier in the game Russ Canzler hit a double (he had a great night) and Ray Olmedo (Ray had a pretty good night as well) singled him home.

Nice day at the park. After all this awful heat and the rainout, we needed it.

The really big deal was the names on the blue jerseys! So, even if we can't read the numbers, now we can tell who the players are. Thank you!

Charlie Montoyo really had his hook out last night. Probably for several reasons. First, it would be nice to have a win. Second, several simply needed some work. And then Tampa Bay probably wants at least one or two of these guys back, particularly Ramos, as soon as they can get themselves sorted out. Matt Torra was pulled after an unimpressive, but still OK, 4 2/3. Ryan Reid, who was supposed to start on Saturday, finished the 5th and pitched all of the 6th. He's a much better reliever than starter. Jay Buente did 2/3. Cesar Ramos came in for some lefties (and got the win). Dane De La Rosa looked really good for the 1 1/3 inning save.

We've been watching Dan Johnson for a couple of years now and he has never looked this bad at the plate. He went 1-31 in this home stand and drew only five walks. Not like him at all. Here's hoping the day off helps.

New guy Steven Vogt started at catcher and threw an absolute bullet to catch Charlotte's Eduardo Escobar attempting to steal in the 1st. 1 for 4 at bat. Other new guy, John Shelby, went 0-3 in his first AAA game.

As an example of the Bulls simply pushing it a bit too hard during this home stand, they struck out 89 times over the 9 games, close to 10 per game. That compares to their season average of 8 per game.

Enjoy the day off guys!


  1. I think I like Vogt. He may have only been 1 for 4, but his outs were well hit as I recall.

  2. Me, too.

    Well-spoken young man as well. Check out the interview/podcast at the Bulls website. Plays lots of positions besides catcher.