Monday, April 29, 2013

A Loss and a Big Win

Wrap, Box, Syracuse Post-Standard

Season: 16-8; Trip: 1-1
Wrap, Box, Syracuse Post-Standard

Not much to say about Saturday’s game. The Chief’s pitching, especially starter Daniel Rosenbaum, held Bulls hitters to just three singles. Alex Colome did just fine.

In the second game, the Chiefs came unraveled in the 7th, but the Bulls were doing pretty well before then, and after.

WDBB  has had a notable lack of success in helping high-performing ballplayers we like move up ladder. Maybe that’s a good thing. That means they then stay with the Bulls and help the Bulls win. So I’m going to point out, again, that Vince Belnome is having a spectacular season so far.

Mr. Belnome came to the Bulls out of the Padres system in a trade for one of the Rays minor league pitchers. Apparently it was expected that he would start the season in AA since he does not appear in the Bulls media guide. He is youngish and has played in only 80 AAA games before this season (Tuscon in the PCL). There are some hints in his stats that he could hit the ball (50 home runs over four years as a pro). For the Bulls he has stepped up as the go-to guy. When Steven Vogt didn’t make in through waivers, Belnome was the guy to share 1B with Leslie Anderson. He has had 8 starts there. After Hak-Ju Lee was hurt, he moved over to 2B and he’s had 5 starts there. His hitting has been so hot (and Charlie really likes to move his players around) that he’s had 6 starts as DH.

Last night’s 4 hit, 4 RBI evening is just another in a spectacular terrific stretch for him. In the last week he’s hit .500 with three home runs, 11 RBI, and scored 7 runs. On the season his slash line is an spectacular  awesome .364/.463/.652. He isn’t on the Rays 40-man, which is good news for the Bulls. The Rays will have to jump through some hoops to get him up there. But if he keeps this up, he’s really banging on their door.

Outside the game —
  • The Chiefs had one of those dog-in-the-park events yesterday. Cute photos here.
  • Surprised that the triple-play/grand slam game got no mention in any of the Rays media that WDBB watches. Seems like they are only interested in a couple of this year’s Bulls players and none of them were involved in the plays.
  • In case you missed it, here’s an update on Charlie Montoyo’s son, Alex. Sounds very good.
  • The Bulls are playing in NBT Bank Stadium. Here’s one look at the place.
  • Will Rhymes, who played in 46 games with the Bulls last year is playing with the Chiefs and is off to a good start. He is a major league quality guy, but I don’t know enough about the Nationals to guess if he’s got a decent shot with them. His isn’t on their 40-man.
Update 9:46: 
  • I wuz wrong. Rays Index did notice the triple play (and he's got neat stuff about confrontation with ump in Chicago yesterday).
  • And Vince Belnome was name International League Batter of the Week. Congrats.


  1. The triple play was #2 on SportsCenter Top Plays. Nice to hit so high on that list with so many spectacular NBA plays to compete with at this time of year.

  2. I'd heard that. I guess I was feeling a bit cranky. Seems like every time Wil Myers gets a base hit the Rays bloggers go nuts, but when we have a magnificent play (and a grand slam) by folks who aren't "prospects" nobody down there notices. You'd think they'd at least have noticed Chris Gimenez's slick "sell" of the play. He's on the 40-man. Sigh. Just wanted to rant a bit. Need to get back to my life :)

    Agree that was neat to get the SportsCenter coverage, especially since it was a "clean" triple play and not something quirky. And my entry has gotten well-above average hits as well.

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