Sunday, April 21, 2013

Double Win

Season: 12-5; Home Stand: 4-0
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Hak-Ju Lee’s injury overshadowed two wins by the Bulls yesterday and may have obscured a couple of other story lines as well.

Chris Archer got the win in the first game, but he faced some significant challenges along the way, beginning with the first batter, who doubled, and the second batter whom he walked. But a double play plus his own terrific fielding effort got him out of the inning. He pretty much cruised through the next two innings, but then came the 4th with all its drama.

After a clean 6-3 putout, a walk, single, and walk loaded the bases. Then came the collision at second base, the end result of which was two runs scored and runners on first and second. Archer hit the next batter to load up the bases again. But then the struck out the next two batters, keeping it to just the two runs scored.

The 5th inning was troublesome as well. He gave up three singles and a double, but just one run, before he again struck out one batter with the bases loaded and got a fly ball to end the inning.

So, not a great day. On the other hand he was still sending crisp 96-98mph fastballs in when he was at 90+ pitches, he fielded his position extremely well, and he got the win.

Meanwhile the Bulls’ offense was looking good, scoring runs in almost every inning. Every Bull got on base, all but one Bull scored at least one run. Lee scored two before he left the game. His replacement, Cole Figueroa had an RBI single, but didn’t score. Loved watching Leslie Anderson’s homer float into the stands. Just pretty.

A story line in the second game was Alex Torres’ 5th inning. He walked the first three batters and had everyone, including himself, muttering. Those three batters seriously messed up the brilliant season he’s been having so far. He got out of it with the game tied at 3-all. But it was scary.

Home runs by Myers and Belnome, the first for both, were big deals. Jason Bourgeois kept up his leadoff role, getting on base and scoring a run.

Outside the game —
  • Pitcher Jeff Beliveau showed up on the roster today. Lee’s going on the DL delays having to drop any other player off.
  • The Bulls have no more backup infielders, but have a day off tomorrow. My guess is that we won’t see how the infielder situation will be managed until Tuesday.

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