Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Matchup — Mud Hens

Detroit’s AAA team, the nearby Toledo Mud Hens, are having a tough year so far. The second-most famous team in minor league baseball is 6-13 on the season. The basic matchup, however, shows that their pitching is pretty darned good. The team ERA is the best in the International League. You will notice that they have allowed 7 fewer runs than Bulls pitching has allowed.

So, what’s up? Hitting is way off. Their OPS is the worst in the league. And a glance at the table of their hitters below shows some pretty dismal wOBAs and wRAAs. Compare this table to yesterday’s table of Bulls' hitters. They obviously aren’t hitting. But (there’s always a “but”) this season is really young. These guys have been playing in miserable weather and may just be waiting for a warm evening to break out. Here’s hoping they keep on waiting.

Source: FanGraphs

Remember, if you’re a Detroit fan this is the only time the Mud Hens will be here all year. Now or never to see the Tigers' future.

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