Friday, April 5, 2013

Maybe Tonight

Harbor Park, Norfolk, VA courtesy LittleBallParks

A rainout last night, but if the weather maps and predictions are right the season should begin tonight. Looks like they are going to try to have a double header tomorrow (Saturday) to get back on track.

It wasn’t at all clear last night how to get to either gameday or audio through the website. I’m hoping that was because I checked in at 7:15 and everybody had already gone home.

By the way, here’s my guess on the rotation:
Archer, Colome, Montgomery, Odorizzi, Torres.

As we wait for the season to start, here’s some interesting stuff.
  • The Bulls are playing in Harbor Park (photo above) a place for some reason not much loved by the folks who roam around watching baseball. Stadium Journey considers it “not remarkable.” Amanda Lippert, who has the good judgement to name the DBAP her favorite park of 2013, wasn’t much impressed back when she visited Harbor Park a few years ago. Indy Week reporter, Adam Sobsey had some positive thoughts on the park in his visit back in 2011 (scroll about halfway down).
  • The MiLB website has picked the top hitting lineup in the International League, the Reds affiliate, the Louisville Bats.
  • And they’ve picked the team with the best pitching rotation and that would be our Durham Bulls.
  • The first time the Bulls and Bats meet this year will be June 8th, in Louisville.
  • Stacy Long, blogger and reporter for the Montgomery Advertiser, has a very interesting piece on how the Rays have assembled the players in their system.


  1. The Gameday and Listen Live via the Bulls iPhone app were totally broken yesterday. Gameday appears to have been fixed, but audio a) has the Wilmington Blue Rocks logo, b) plays a station in Wilmington, c) freezes up the app in audio mode so that you have to kill it before doing anything else. I know there are people out there who sing the praises of the Bulls app, but given all the other things the Bulls do so well, that app is to me decidedly second rate.

  2. OK, so it wasn't just me. I thought that maybe because I didn't try to do anything until 7:15 everyone had gone home. Weather had looked bad all day. Had exactly the same problem with iPhone app. I was able to get to gameday on my desktop computer via the International League site. I've had bad luck with MiLB.TV so didn't try that. Pretty sure they are working on it. Know they had a lot of back-and-forth with the company last year.
    Did you check out the MiLB iPhone app? I forgot to try it out last night. First glance just now looks OK.

  3. Thanks Chris, I just grabbed the MiLB app. Last year they had a Triple-A app but it wasn't free, and based on the 2011 version of that app I chose not to purchase. This 2013 version looks just like the MLB version, with only Buffalo, Charlotte, Columbus, Lehigh Valley, SWB, and Syracuse on the Gameday Audio in there.

    Last year we bought the MiLB.TV as a $20 add-on to MLB.TV, but they took over a month to get it working for us. That hassle included over 10 phone calls, I don't know how many emails, and at one point they also messed up our MLB.TV subscription as well! As the minors were only streamed on PC last year, I gave up on it. It looks like those streams are phone/tablet enabled this year, but given the past troubles we turned down the $20 add on, and it's not worth an extra $40 to me.