Saturday, April 6, 2013

Great Start!

Season: 1-0
Box, Wrap, Virginian-Pilot

Has it really been 215 days since the Bulls last played a baseball game? It has. And how different this one was as every Bulls batter except Vince Belnome got a hit — and he got two walks and an RBI sacrifice fly.

Chris Archer only gave up a couple of hits and just the one run in his five very efficient (82 pitches) innings. Kirby Yates gave up a home run for the only other Tides score.

We’ll have to go with Patrick Kinas’ call of the game to judge young Mr. Hak-Ju Lee, but it sure sounded like he’s going to have fun in AAA — 2 runs on two hits (triple and single) and a walk, and two stolen bases.

Pleased to discover that the various media seemed to be working OK (I don’t have MiLB television, though). Although signal not good, AM 620 was broadcasting. Gameday and audio streaming through internet was working. And the Bulls iPhone app was working when I tried it.

Outside the Game —
  • Steven Vogt (recently designated for assignment by the Rays) was traded to Oakland and will start the season with the Sacramento River Cats,  Oakland's AAA team. We’ll miss him on the club for a lot of reasons. Does this mean we will see more of Craig Albernaz in the lineup? Maybe. 
  • We haven’t seen anything on the web regarding Robinson Chirinos who was DFA’d with Vogt. Not sure exactly when the clock started for him.
  • Have not heard if there’s a replacement coming for Brandon Gomes, who was called up Thursday.
Double Header Tonight! Starts at 6:05. 

Tonight’s games will not be on AM 620. If you are one of the 10 people in the Triangle with an HD radio the games will be on 99.9 HD3. Otherwise the games will be streamed or available through smartphone apps. Probably 7 inning games, but not sure about that.

Last note: Patrick Kinas is back doing play-by-play. Good. He calls a good game. I will enter here, once again, a plea for Kinas’ pre-game interviews and commentary to be made available as podcasts. Seems like that would be simple and painless to do. Hey, stick an ad in the middle and make some money!


  1. I'm was glad to hear Kinas back for this year, too. I was braced to miss Solondz more last season.

    I second the idea of podcasting the pregame material. I'll gladly listen to the ads!

    I think you can also get 99.9 HD3 "the ticket" over the web if you don't use a smartphone or tablet.

    Hank in Durham

    1. Hmm! Yet another one of my confusing sentences. What I meant to say was that Kinas' broadcast will be streamed through the web to any connection you might have, and could be heard over a smartphone. I think you're right, though, you could probably go direct to 99.9 or 620 website and stream from there. I just had to be snarky about HD. I went out and bought one last year when they started using that channel; couldn't hear it at my house; took the radio back the next day.

  2. I see now -- not that confusing, I just read too quickly.


  3. Except that tonight, 7:00, everything I said about streaming is wrong. There's nothing on 620 on air or on the web. I'm listening to the Norfolk side of the audio. On 620 they were ranting about the Rutgers situation ... who care???

  4. Yeah, no idea how to listen to this one. Looks like a long night for the Bulls.

  5. You can listen at the Norfolk stream

    Just announced that second game will not be played. Double header tomorrow. Bulls lead 2-0 bottom of 11th.