Monday, April 22, 2013

Bulls Chill Out

Season: 12-6; Home Stand: 4-1
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun

We won’t see these Tides again until about this time next month (two games) and then we won’t see them until early July. Good. I don’t like the color of their uniforms.

I’m no great fan of the cold, and I know it’s been much colder elsewhere in the International League, but last night just wasn’t much fun. And that was before the Bulls ended the first inning with bases loaded but no runs scored and the second inning with the bases loaded but no runs. Overall, in spite of Norfolk’s Jar Jurrjens looking unimpressive from a distance, at the end of the day the Bulls 7 hits were all singles and only one of his 4 walks scored.

The Bulls used seven pitchers in the loss which either represents some of them needing work before the day off or possible problems. If problems, one of them might be Jim Paduch. He had not pitched since April 14. He came last night's game with a runner on 2B. He faced two batters, gave up two singles and two runs on four pitches. Back in that April 14 game he had troubles as well, giving up the walk-off home run that ended an 11 inning game. Bad luck or something more serious?

Paduch left the game for new guy, Jeff Beliveau who has a reputation as being a left-handed specialist. He did just fine, but between them Will Inman and Adam Liberatore gave up the three runs that essentially closed out the game.

Outside the game —
  • The Bulls went into the game with only three position players available, two catchers (Albernaz and Apodaca) and an outfielder (Jason Bourgeois). You have to figure that someone’s going to be added soon. 
  • Speculation in the stands was that the Biscuits’s Sean O’Malley was the most likely candidate for a callup. He’s having a pretty good year.
  • According to the Herald-Sun, Hak-Ju Lee is not in St. Petersburg, but was at the game yesterday. He is to head to St. Pete soon for a full examination.

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  1. O'Malley does seem like a good candidate for a callup.

    As far as pitching goes, I assumed they were just trying to get people work before the off day. But that must have been a particularly painful game to watch live as it dragged on for nearly 4 hours.

    BTW, not that it helps us, but apparently Vogt is doing well in his new home:
    .518, 5HR, 17RBI, 1.529 OPS.