Sunday, April 7, 2013

Headed Home!

Season: 3-1
Wrap, Box 1, Box 2

This is an interesting team coming to Durham.

In four games they put together 35 hits, scored 19 runs, drew 20 walks, hit 6 doubles, two triples, but just one home run. Speedy? Heck yes. They stol 6 bases while getting caught just once. The pitching looks good with the starters putting together an ERA of 2.95 and the relievers just 1.20 (Team ERA 2.16).

Sure it’s just four games against a team whose front office messes with them even more than the Rays mess with the Bulls. But I’m encouraged. Listing to the game — the audio stream was working today. Hooray! — they just sounded like fun.

There were some serious oddities with the pitching rotation (the Bulls are running one short in the reliever ranks) and the team has already put in a bunch of innings. We were scared to death that today’s second game was going to go into extra innings. Will it sort itself out? I hope so.

But I just didn’t hear anything to worry about.

And now we get to see these guys at last!

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