Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Few More Bulls Identified

A press release from the Rays listed a few more players specifically designated for the Bulls. Pitchers Wade Davis, Dale Thayer, and Mitch Talbot will be coming to Durham. Several others listed were dropped from the Rays’ “invitation” roster and sent to the minor league camp. Hard to tell who among them will end up as Bulls at the start of the season.

Charlie Montoyo’s Puerto Rico team is more than hanging in there in the World Baseball Classic (they beat Team USA 11-1 a couple of days ago in a game called in the 7th by a mercy rule, but will meet USA again after falling into the loser’s bracket yesterday). So Montoyo still isn’t going to be back to get his licks in regarding who comes to Durham. At a guess, a pitcher named Carlos Hernandez has a good shot at staying in Durham since he’s had some big league time with the Astros and has had a good spring so far.

Strange as it may seem, the N&O actually covered this story, at least in their new baseball blog, Balls and Strikes. Does that mean that the N&O is going to cover the Bulls this year? Good news if they are. Would be nice to have something more than a box score in my home town newspaper. The blog is also trying hard to cover ACC baseball, a real challenge this time of year as anyone in the Triangle who isn't filling out NCAA brackets is considered some sort of alien being.

Reid Brignac is not on the list, but I mention him because over on Rays Prospects he among those listed as "overhyped" by some of the bloggers there, as is Fernando Perez.

Jeremy Cummings remains a ghost. Can't find him anywhere on various rosters.

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