Monday, March 16, 2009

How They’re Doing #4

Rays are now 8-7-1 (Can have tie games in spring training, I guess. They quit after 11 innings against the Pirates.)

Justin Ruggiano is still doing very well, so with Perez’s injury and a bit of confusion in the Rays outfield, I’m not sure we’ll see much of him this year, if at all. See a recent story here.

Reid Brignac
continues to get a lot of playing time and his hitting has picked up to .219.

Given his playing time it looks like Elliot Johnson has a decent chance of staying up, but the Rays have plenty of infielders still on the roster.

Weber’s and Richard’s playing time has fallen off even though their numbers are still quite good.

Catcher Michel Hernandez is still with the Rays, as is catcher John Jaso, but I'm guessing that they’re spending most of their time in the bullpen. Wonder if Hernandez will be the “old hand” we need this year in Durham? See stats for overall spring training numbers.

Just have to add a comment about Ruggiano. The Rays yanked him back and forth all last year. He did a great job for the Bulls, but mostly sat on the bench for Tampa Bay. Doesn’t seem to me to be a good idea to take guy back and forth like that. And then the Rays spent a lot of time trading and chasing down outfielders during the off season. He’s been called a “AAAA ball player," but I wonder how much of that simply isn’t getting the chance to really look at big league pitching. Much as I’d like to see him back in Durham, would rather see him get a place of Tampa’s 40-man with a shot to stay up there and play this year.

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