Thursday, March 12, 2009

Making Predictions About Future Rays (and Potential Bulls)

Over on the blog RaysProspects they’ve opened up a discussion among several well-known Rays bloggers regarding various players in the Rays system.

Of interest to Bulls fans is not so much what we might think about how good a Ray a player might become, but when or if we might get to see them play in Durham, and what impact they might have on the Bulls. Some of the discussion centers around Jeff Neimann, whom I doubt we’ll see this year (too bad, fun guy to watch). Much more likely are pitcher Wade Davis, shortstop Reid Brignac, and catcher John Jaso who are very likely to start the year here.

In Brignac’s case, he’s having a very poor start at bat in spring training and they’ve given him a little bit of time at second base.

As mentioned earlier, I’m having a hard time getting my head around our potential pitchers, so I’m not going to comment on Davis just yet.

We saw Jaso some last year and I’m looking forward to seeing him this year, with the caveat of that we will likely see the Bulls try to balance him out with an experienced catcher to work with the pitching prospects along with an upcoming catcher such as Jaso. The norm in Durham over the last couple of years is to have three catchers on the roster, so will have to see who the others are going to be.

Looks like this discussion is going to go on for a while, so worth a look.

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