Sunday, March 22, 2009

How They’re Doing #5

The Rays are now 11-9-1 in spring training.

Two potential Bulls in particular are having very solid springs, Jon Weber and Chris Richard.

got a nice write-up in the St. Petersburg Times, including this poignant quote:
“It would all pay off with one game. It really would. I could walk away from this game saying, ‘All right, I did it.’ ”

He’s gotten a fair amount of playing time, 30 a-bats, and is hitting .367, better than any of the Rays’ starting outfielders. He’s tied for the lead in RBIs (12).

Chris Richard’s playing time is dropping off as Carlos Pena gets into shape. He’s hitting .275.

Possibilities to stay with the Rays at the start of the season are Elliot Johnson and Justin Ruggiano

Reid Brignac’s hitting is improving slightly, but he’s seeing less playing time. Michel Hernandez is getting a bit more playing time.

Complete stats here.

Lastly, to follow up on my comments regarding Port Charlotte, it seems that the real problem isn’t alligators but wild boars. See the comment at the end of the St. Pete Times article cited above.

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