Sunday, March 8, 2009

How They’re Doing #2

The Rays are now 5-4 in Spring Training games. For some reason their loss against Puerto Rico doesn’t show up.

Potential Bulls are getting a fair amount of playing time, probably because several Rays regulars have yet to show up on the field. Pena has only played in one game, Upton has not played at all, Akimura is playing for Japan in the World Baseball Classic, and the Rays can’t seem to make up their minds about right field.

Justin Ruggiano leads the Rays in at bats with 19, and is hitting .316 with 2 RBIs. Elliot Johnson is hitting .389 in 17 at bats, with 5 RBIs and 2 home runs. Reid Brignac isn’t doing too well at the plate, hitting only .063 in 16 at bats. That’s just one hit, his first at the major league level, but that was a home run. Fernando Perez is doing just OK at .188 in 16 at bats, but he’s stolen 2 bases and scored 4 runs. Jon Weber is a standout, hitting .313 in 16 at bats with a team-leading 8 RBIs. And Chris Richard has had a great start hitting .357 in 14 at bats, 3 RBIs, 1 homer, and an outstanding .500 OBP.

Complete spring training stats are here.

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