Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Players We Won't See in 2009 -- Joel Guzman

The most often used adjective in our section of the stands regarding Joel Guzman over the last couple of years was awkward. Watching him at 3rd or at the plate he just never seemed quite ready. As for running the bases, it sure took a long time for the 6'6" guy to get going.

And yet every now and then he would just crush the ball over the Blue Monster. I remember one that went into the framing of the under-construction Diamond View II and just banged around up there where the second floor would be going. There was another the next year that bounced off the third floor glass of the completed building. There was another that went over the Bull. More than once he went deep behind 3rd and made a loooong and accurate throw to get a runner out.

Now with the Nationals with an invite to spring training. We may see him with the Syracuse Chiefs this year. We wish him well (except we really don't want to see him hammer Diamond View II while in a Chiefs uniform).

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