Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fernando Perez, and More

Fernando Perez was a favorite of Bulls fans in 2008. It begins to look like we’ll get a chance to see a lot of him this year as he works his way back into the Rays lineup. I couldn’t be happier about that prospect.

He was out for almost all of 2009 after a freaky play in spring training last year. He talks about how that happened in a Tampa Tribune interview — apparently he was using a glove that behaved differently from what he expected.

A very articulate young man, he also appears to also have some acting chops as he shows in this video where he laments the difficulties of getting by on $400,000 a year.

More on bats — looks like that as much as Maddon may not like maple bats, he doesn’t really have a say in the matter.

Tony Fabrizio for the Tampa Tribune and Mark Tompkin for the St. Pete Times talk about the competition for roster spots among Sean Rodriguez, Matt Joyce, Reid Brignac, and Justin Ruggiano. The loser(s) will surely be either traded or show up in Durham next month.

Rays Prospects has gathered some prominent Rays bloggers to prognosticate about future Rays (some of whom we’ll be seeing this year). The series started yesterday and continues today.

Pitchers R.J. Swindle and Jason Cromer have been shifted to minor league camp, as has catcher Craig Albernaz. Readers of the 2009 WDBB may be assured that the President of the Jason Cromer Fan Club is very pleased to see him headed our way.

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  1. I read today that Jennings and Hellickson also got sent to the minor league camp today. They should both be fun to watch this year.