Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pitching Phenom

If you're reading this on Thursday, I suggest that you click this link, read this most improbable of stories out of spring training back in 1985, then check the date...

Have fun ...


  1. You should read the book.

  2. In fact I have a well-loved, pretty ratty since I got it at a library sale, copy of the book on my shelf. Also, if you can figure out the Sports Illustrated site, there's some nifty photos, some apparently used to illustrate the original article. I didn't read it at the time, but mostly liked Plimpton's work.

    Didn't figure anyone else would even know that a book had been written. That makes two fans of Sidd Finch out there! But one of them is a Syd even if probably not named after the Buddha!

  3. When I needed an online handle, I knew there was none better, but believe it or not the true spelling SiddFinch was taken, so I had to improvise, and I've had it so long now I kind of the like it. Only once in a while does anyone get it.

    See ya at the yard!

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