Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How They’re Doing — 5

The Rays and Bulls rosters are going to have to be set in the next couple of days, so this is probably the last of these.

Player / Games / PA / wOBA

Rodriguez, S / 21 / 62 / .555
Joyce, M / 8 / 25 / .450
Ashley, N / 7 / 15 / .573
Brignac, R / 23 / 51 / .344
Johnson, E / 24 / 56 / .274
Dillon, J / 21 / 27 / .199
Colina, A / 14 / 18 / .119

Now, Ashley and Colina are surely still there just to spread out the catching duties until the Rays’ Navarro is up to full speed. But Nevin Ashley’s had a couple of good days recently. Matt Joyce strained an elbow and isn’t quite at full strength. Joe Dillon had an inning or so as catcher on Sunday.

Other interesting stuff:

Elliot Johnson had a nice piece about him in the St. Pete Times last Friday. The Tampa Tribune has a similar article today.

Rays Renegade did a thoughtful item on Justin Ruggiano a few days back.

Jon Weber is having a spectacular spring with the Yankees and getting some blogger and press attention: here, here, here, here, and here. On the other hand, he still isn’t on the Yankees’ 40-man, so looks like we’ll see him here in Durham with him playing outfield for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre on May 6th. His numbers are 14/25/.558.

Update: Jon's been sent down to SWB.

Stacy Long, the Montgomery Advertiser’s sports writer and expert on all things Rays Minor League, is down to take a look at Spring Training. His semi-interview with soon-to-be Durham Bull Desmond Jennings is here and a discussion with probably Bulls’ reliever Heath Rollins is here. Noted at the end of the Rollins story is this information on WDBB favorite Jason Cromer:

Left-hander Jason Cromer, expected to go to Durham, will miss a month with a minor elbow injury he suffered this winter while playing in Venezuela.

Here’s hoping it’s less than a month and we see him soon in Durham.

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