Friday, March 19, 2010

Watching The Rays

Just wondering if I'm the only one who gets frustrated watching these MLB broadcasters yammer on about the Yankees...they don't even know who it is when Elliot Johnson comes to the plate.

And who but a Bulls fan could possibly appreciate the weirdness of seeing Jon Weber play first base, and then fly out to Justin Ruggiano in center field?

Update: The Rays are on TV again tonight, but it will be a split squad game for the Yankees (had to listen to commentators whine on about that last night, too. Two hour bus ride!! Whimper, whimper, whimper. And since when does it take two hours to go from Tampa to Port Charlotte?). Think I'll skip the game.


  1. How could they NOT know who Johnson is? I'm sure the Yankees remember how he obliterated Cervelli in a spring training two years ago. Great play and a solid player!

  2. They did eventually figure out who he was (someone in booth put a graphic up), but the overwhelming amount of commentary was about the Yankees. Think I'll skip tonight's game.

  3. Was it the YES announcers on TV? I watched it on-line, but they only had the Yankees feed. So, the commentary was all about the Yanks, but I expected as much since it was the local NY feed.

  4. It was the YES announcers. Probably the same as was on the audio feed. It would just seem to me (foolish thought) that when they know that they've got national coverage they'd spend a bit more time with opposing team. And maybe I just felt like grumbling. By the way, Hernandez, who will probably be a Bull this year, looked OK.