Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How They’re Doing — 4

This will probably be the last of these. The Rays have got to be close to roster decisions and they won’t be easy.

Of note is how well Justin Ruggiano is doing and, to my disappointment, how poorly Dan Johnson and Joe Dillon are doing. Matt Joyce is only playing as a DH, working with an injury.

Player / Games / PA / wOBA

Rodriguez, S / 17 / 47 / .569
Ruggiano, J / 17 / 41 / .542
Jaso, J / 6 / 12 / .520
Joyce, M / 8 / 25 / .450
Brignac, R / 19 / 45 / .342
Johnson, D / 15 / 30 / .321
Johnson, E / 19 / 43 / .282
Furmaniak, J / 18 / 26 / .207
Dillon, J / 16 / 21 / .170


  1. It is too bad for Ruggiano that he was sent down today, given how good he has been playing. I can't help but think that there are other teams out there that could use him as a bench player. It would be great to have him as a Bull again, but he seems like pretty worthwhile tradebait to me.

  2. Justin Ruggiano was optioned to Durham and Dan Johnson was placed on waivers. 9 others assigned to minor league camp: Winston Abreu, Joe Bateman, Jeff Bennett, Richard De Los Santos, Carlos Hernandez, Heath Phillips, Angel Chavez, J.J. Furmaniak and Ryan Shealy.

  3. Thanks to DRR and Doug Milhoan.

    I saw those roster changes just after I'd put this post up. Sorry about Dan Johnson. Elliot J. likely next to be put on waivers soon as well. I'll probably wait a couple of days before speculating on a roster for the Bulls. I've got to think that some trades are in the wind, and updates to the Rays 40-man.

  4. It doesn't seem unreasonable to me that Dan Johnson would make it through waivers and accept a spot here. I think it would be less likely for EJ to make it through waivers if/when he gets put out there.

  5. So, it looks like Dan Johnson cleared waivers. Hopefully he accepts the assignment.

  6. I got the impression for early interviews that Missed that. Thanks again.

    Dan Johnson really wasn't happy in Japan last year. And he must have known that his chances with the Rays weren't good. Now that he hasn't had all that good a Spring obviously free agency would be a real risk for him. Happy to have him as a Bull, especially since apparently he thinks he's a third baseman now and we might need some help there.

  7. It looks like he took the assignment. I am glad to have him as a Bull.