Saturday, March 13, 2010

How They’re Doing — 2

Things are going to start getting odd as spring training goes along.

My initial list was simply the Rays’ 40-man plus the “non-roster invitee” list off the Rays website. We’ve had a couple of players officially sent off to minor league camp (Beckham and Ashley). Jennings remains on the 40-man but has been injured a couple of times and is reportedly not going to be playing much before the beginning of the season. The problem is that even if he plays, none of his stats will be reported (at least where I can find them). Dillon and Richard simply disappeared off the Rays' lists. I’m guessing that they are now working out with prospective Bulls and Montoyo, but haven’t found anything in the press about them.

So, here’s my list of players to watch, that are still watchable.

Player/Games/Plate Appearances/wOBA

Ruggiano, J/8/19/.631
Rodriguez, S/8/23/.587
Joyce, M/6/16/.504
Brignac, R/8/21/.492
Shealy, R/7/13/.455
Johnson, E/8/19/.402
Jaso, J/4/8/.334
Johnson, D/7/20/.322
Chavez, A/9/15/.298
Perez, F/8/16/.266
Furmaniak, J/9/17/.244
Lobaton, J/4/7/.129
Colina, A/3/3/.000
Albernaz, C/0/0/.000

The Rays have signed yet another first baseman, Cuban Leslie Anderson. That makes about five first basemen on or close to the 40-man. Things aren’t looking good for Chris Richard to spend much time with the Rays this year.

Just for general info, Jon Weber’s spring is 5/11/.700



  1. Any idea if Weber has thrown any bats this spring?

  2. Haven't heard a thing, but I don't watch Yankee blogs, so maybe something has been there. He's having a decent spring, but my guess is that we'll see him playing for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre this year. Here's hoping he at least gets a day or two at Yankee Stadium ...