Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How They’re Doing

The Rays have only played six games (5-1), but some of the players we’re watching (see here and here) have managed to get into every game. I’m trying to learn a new stat here, wOBA. But this is a really, really small sample, so the number doesn’t mean much. You’ve got to think that sticking with the Rays is mostly a matter of how a player looks on the field and at the plate, not the numbers. Still, a couple of the guys are doing pretty well. (Note: I obviously haven't figured out how to get a table into a blog, but I'm working on it.)

Name/Games/Plate Appearances/wOBA

Ashley, N 1 1 .000
Beckham, T 4 4 .225
Brignac, R 5 12 .533
Chavez, A 6 8 .203
Colina, A 1 1 .000
Dillon, J 6 8 .155
Furmaniak, J 6 10 .234
Jaso, J 3 6 .120
Jennings, D 3 6 .632
Johnson, D 5 13 .220
Johnson, E 5 11 .613
Joyce, M 4 11 .391
Lobaton, J 2 3 .000
Perez, F 6 12 .280
Richard, C 4 7 .709
Rodriguez, S 5 13 .845
Ruggiano, J 5 12 .611
Shealy, R 4 7 .437

And then there’s this quote from Rays Index this morning.

Fernando Perez drove in the winning run with a single in the 10th. It was the Rays 3rd walk-off win and 4th win in their final at bat. Joe Maddon said he wanted better at bats late in games. Of course if any of the guys that are coming through in the clutch now are on the roster in April, the Rays are screwed…

The implication being that all the walk off hits — Ruggiano, Perez, and Chavez — were from second-stringers. Which from a Rays fan point of view is probably OK. On the other hand, in spring training, just who are you gonna have in the game in the late innings?

The Rays added Hank Blalock on a minor league contract yesterday. So I’ll be adding him to my list. But surely if he has a decent spring he’ll stay with the Rays.


  1. I haven't seen it official anywhere, but I read this morning the Blalock deal have a provision that lets him out of the contract if he isn't on the major league roster on April 1st (and, he also doesn't sound too happy about his deal with the Rays). So, I think that we won't see him in Durham, no matter what. If he does make the team, though, that will mean someone else coming our way, maybe Brignac or Rodriguez, that would have otherwise made the Rays.

  2. Blalock's getting a lot of attention out in the webworld, but since it really doesn't look like he'll show up in Durham, I haven't been adding my own two cents worth. Does not look like the Rays made a very good deal.