Thursday, March 18, 2010

How They’re Doing — 3

First, for those of you with cable (and maybe Dish network), MLB network has the Rays playing the Yankees tonight at 7 pm. A few potential Bulls still with the team.

Fernando Perez, John Jaso, Jose Lobaton, and Chris Richard (it’s official) went to minor league camp yesterday. Story here.

The players in bold are still with the Rays. The players in italics are in minor league camp. The stats are while they were with Rays this Spring. As far as I know, spring training stats for minor league action are not posted anywhere.


Rodriguez, S/12/34/.623
Brignac, R/12/31/.409
Ruggiano, J/12/30/.576
Johnson, E/12/26/.335
Johnson, D/10/24/.320
Shealy, R/9/18/.448
Furmaniak, J/12/18/.230
Joyce, M/6/16/.504
Chavez, A/11/16/.324
Dillon, J/11/13/.095

Perez, F/10/19/.319
Jaso, J/16/16/.480
Richard, C/6/9/.516
Beckham, T/7/9/.280
Lobaton, J/5/8/.113
Jennings, D/3/6/.632
Colina, A/5/4/.310
Ashley, N/2/2/.450
Albernaz, C/1/0/.000

Over at Rays Prospects, they continue their speculations regarding future Rays. Not very likely any of these players will show up in Durham this year, but maybe.

Also at Rays Prospects, Jake Larsen thinks that the recently signed Cuban first baseman/outfielder Leslie Anderson will be in Durham this season...eventually.

Former Bull, and fan/clubhouse favorite, Elijah Dukes has been released by the Washington Nationals.

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