Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blalock to Rays

Several sources are reporting that Hank Blalock is on his way to join the Tampa Bay Rays.

St Pete Times, Rays Index, and probably others.

Update: A couple of new links -- St Pete Times and DRaysBay.


  1. I wonder if we get a replacement from AA, since I don't think we will get anyone down from the Rays.

    Are you going to stay away from the Heath Rollins Facebook story?

  2. My best guess is that we'll get either Sean Rodriguez or Matt Joyce (if he comes off rehab), but maybe we'll have a visit from Matt Hall, Chris Nowak, or the infielder who was up from Charlotte a while back.

    Re Rollins -- not with a ten foot pole.

    Couple of new links added to main posting

  3. A twenty-foot pole would be about right, who knows, not nice to point it out to the world, in my opinion. Maybe he's just down. Hasn't been an easy season for him. Pressure...

  4. Maybe Pat the Bat will accept assignment :)

  5. An even more intriguing possibility has emerged. See the end of today's post. That could be a win-win for all concerned.