Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bulls Win Series; Cromer Returning?

Game 46: Bulls 8, Red Sox 5
Season: 26-20
Home Stand: 3-1
Streak: W2
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun, Indy Week

The links have most of the story, the ‘wrap’ is, I think, particularly good today.

Wasn’t that a nice night at the park? Even though we kept glancing at the horizon expecting black clouds to come boiling up, they didn’t.

Wool E. Bull seems to be back to his old self. Not noticing any limps.

We left at the 7th inning, with the Bulls up 6-2, but were able to keep up on the radio. Scary moments in the 9th.

Heath Phillips had what could have been his best start of the year. Nevertheless, he gave up another homer and a lot of long outs. Worrisome.

We were listening when Thayer had his awful experience. So very uncharacteristic of him, walking four batters. Thanks to Mike Ekstrom for shutting things down as effectively as he did.

So, on to the news. Jim Sumner in the Durham Herald-Sun, in what is the first baseball-related “scoop” for that paper in memory, is reporting that Heath Rollins is being sent to Montgomery to make room for Jason Kromer [sic]. We will assume they mean Jason Cromer. Since Jason is my all-time favorite Bulls pitcher (along with Winston Abreu, of course), sure am happy to hear that he’s coming off the disabled list and I’m full of hope that he has recovered from whatever was wrong. The question will remain, who goes into the pen, Rodriguez or De Los Santos? I’ve got a 50-50 chance of getting that one right so I’ll go with Rodriguez to the pen. Unless, of course, Sumner got it wrong and it’s Heath Phillips who’s going to Montgomery.


  1. That 9th was tough to watch. I don't know what was wrong, but Dale did not look anything like his normal self.

    Everything else made for a great game to watch, though.

  2. First off, I had a chat with Wool E. and he indicated that he was fine and implied that the Mudhens were a bunch of chickens. Good to see he's ok.

    Second, I think Thayer was really ticked at Damien (sp?) Beal. Strike zone was erratic all night, and was way off in the 9th. From there it was just meltdown.

  3. Agreed on the strike zone, it was all over the place. I guess it was fitting, given the problems that Carl Crawford had down in Tampa.

    There also was a play at second (one of the Bulls' doubles, I forget which one) when I was sure he was out.

  4. Regarding Cromer/Rollins -- The Bulls front office will NOT confirm. That's pretty typical. Stacy Long's blog, however, is reporting that Rollins is coming to Montgomery.

    Good to confirm that Wool E. is OK.

  5. Also, meant to add that RJ Swindle's 56 MPH curveball is ridiculous. I realize he can only break it out about once an inning for obvious reasons, but with 2 strikes and 2 out, landing it for a called strike 3 is one of the most absurd things I've seen in triple A. The look on the hitter's face was priceless.

  6. The next time he pitches I want to get over behind home plate just to see that pitch. By the way, I know he's only pitched in 6 games for a little over 9 innings, but he still hasn't walked a single batter and he's struck out 10. Pretty good. Glad to have him here.

  7. It was good to see y'all the other night! Blake didn't last much longer, and we had to make our way home shortly after you. :) Thanks for saying hi! See you soon!