Sunday, May 23, 2010

Starting Pitcher(s), 23 May

Although it is not absolutely certain that Richard De Los Santos will be picking up the game that was stalled last night, it seems likely. So here’s his chart. He had been getting his ERA under control until his last game. With any luck he will continue on. Too bad that Aneury Rodriguez didn’t get but two innings last night. He was looking OK.

Grumbling in the sky outside. Hope that we are not in for a repeat.

Carlos Hernandez’ last six starts have been 7 innings, 4 innings, 7 innings, 4 innings, 7 innings, 4 2/3 innings. So we are due for a 7 inning start. Since it’s a 7 inning game, we could be in luck.

  • RaysProspects took a look at the Bulls week. Not pretty.
  • DRaysBay has updated their “watch list”. A couple of Bulls on it.
  • We knew baseball players were famously superstitious. We didn’t know it extended into the stands.
  • Jason Hanselman over at RaysIndex takes a very close look at former Bull Ben Zobrist.

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