Monday, May 10, 2010

Cold At the DBAP — Let’s Go To the DAP

Durham Athletic Park in 1940s and 2008
Photos courtesy Herald-Sun and Endangered Durham

Game 31: Durham Bulls 3, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees 9
Season: 19 -12
This Home Stand: 2-2
Streak: L2
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun, Indy Week

Even with the temperature dropping, we expected hot bats and hotter pitching last night. That’s pretty much what we got — except not by the Bulls. We’ve seen Jeremy Hellickson struggle before but that time Justin Ruggiano led the Bulls to a come from behind, super-exciting win. This time Jeremy left the game in the 6th with no one out and the bases loaded. Mike Ekstrom could not hold ‘em and all of them scored.

Nevertheless, the 6th did have two glad-I-was-at-the-game moments. Situation: bases loaded, five runs have already scored, still nobody out, Reegie Corona at bat. Jose Lobaton rockets a throw to shortstop Angel Chavez and picks off Yankee Robby Hammock for first out. A pitch or so later, Yankee Golson tries to steal second. A strike from Lobaton to Dillon catches him. Two outs. Corona grounds out and we’re finally out of the inning. Pretty, pretty throws by Lobaton.

The last time Winston Abreu tried to go two innings he lost the game. This time the game was not at risk, but Charlie pulled him after 1 ⅔. Radioman Neil Solondz thinks that Winston’s got to demonstrate that he can go two innings if he wants to be called up. Indy Week writer Sobsey thinks that Abreu hasn’t recovered from aneurysm surgery. Back to the gym/weight room Winston. We need you.

OK. Toledo is coming to town. This second-most-famous club in minor league baseball (we were a movie, they were a logo in a long-running TV show), is a Tigers affiliate and usually pretty good team.

The baseball, however, will be taking second fiddle to nostalgia tonight. And appropriately so. Here’s one piece from the Herald-Sun.


DRaysBay watching a couple of our Bulls.
Leslie Anderson, the Cuban defector whom we’ll probably see sometime this season, is making his way up through the Rays system.


  1. kind of scary there for a moment when Perez was on his knees at third base...the way he was reacting to the pain I thought it might be stretcher time...I guess it wasn't serious though?

  2. From my seat it sure looked like Cusick shouldered Fernando off the bag. Guess that's why he was called safe. The radio was calling it a twisted ankle, but I'm worried too. Didn't notice anything to expand on that in Indy Week or Herald-Sun either. So don't think we know yet if it was serious or not. Unlike Jennings, though, Perez seems to be a pretty tough guy. Hope so.