Sunday, May 2, 2010

Get a Hit!

Game 23: Durham Bulls 7, Buffalo Bisons 12
Wrap, Box
Game 24: Durham Bulls 0, Rochester Redwings 1
Wrap, Box
Season: 15-9

What’s going on here? The Bulls have been skunked twice in three days after none at all before now.

Oh, what the heck, let’s just talk about trivia.

Such as: The Louisville Bats were out of town yesterday (in Buffalo). Was that deliberate choice to avoid the Derby or just happenstance? Inquiring minds want to know.

What in the world happened to Richard De Los Santos? Too bad his first AAA start didn’t work out with a win, but he pitched a terrific game. And he had a terrific outing in relief a few days ago. We can hope.

We need to hope since we’ve been short two starters ever since Jeff Bennett disappeared and Virgil Vasquez crashed his scooter.

Benchriders last night: Jennings (10), Colina (1), Richard (1), Eldridge (1)

Over at Rays Index he’s surveyed some of his fellow Rays bloggers to evaluate who might be traded this year. Current Bulls Hank Blalock, Justin Ruggiano, Dan Johnson, Fernando Perez, Aneury Rodriguez, Carlos Hernandez, Winston Abreu, and Dale Thayer all made the list. Sort of like living in a meat market, seems to me. Must work on the heads of our players.

Today we’ve got a day game (1 pm). Again I’ve got to ask how come we don’t have those in Durham? Anybody know?

Inquiring minds mind would also like to know how come the Minnesota Twins’ Triple-A franchise is in Rochester, New York? They are almost 1000 miles apart. Could be that a Twins executive thought he was placing the team in Rochester, Minnesota, but that seems a bit implausible. We made an effort to understand this back in the Spring, but didn’t succeed. Maybe it has to do with learning how to play cold, especially with the Twins new park.

The Tobacco Road Cafe is open. Might be an interesting place for a before or after game meal. Not sure it will be a good place to watch the game from, though.

If you happen to be into contests/sweepstakes and stuff like that, minor league baseball has a couple going on: here and here.


  1. Day games on Sundays would be a great the start of the season, before it gets too hot.

    Bulls management are you listening?

  2. Glad these games have been on the road, because I would be really annoyed to be watching the Bulls play like this in person.

  3. curiosity got the better of me and I went and had dinner at Tobacco Road

    It was OK the waitstaff were doin their best, I don't see how this place will draw any of the Tyler's crowd, too far to walk from the main garage for one.
    The interior of the place sort of reminded me of eating in the Television section of a Best Buy...there is a flat screen TV on every wall

    Hope they manage to stay in business

  4. Haven't been able to bring myself to comment on today's game...yet. My guess is that Tobacco Road might actually draw on DPAC crowd and folks that use nearest lot. But overall a risky proposal unless all the attorneys upstairs come to visit a lot. How was the food?

  5. I had their version of a cheese steak, it was OK.

    I've got a feeling the rest of the menu is Ok, nothing to complain about but nothing really inspired.

    I think you are right their major patrons are going to the DPAC crowd and thirsty lawyers.